The TRUE 3 TOP REASONS why you need to take a break

Your body is a perfect machine that can work properly under demanding situations, but at the end of the day, it demands only one thing from you: that you take a break that allows you to replenish energy. Know the three main reasons why you should do it.

8 hours a day in front of a computer or in front of the steering wheel of a car, many liters of coffee, few sleeping hours, a lot of physical demand. We can become true louts with our body and our mind. We can get to demand enough performance and concentration for certain periods of time and in most cases, he will give us all the energy and resources available to perform our activities as best as possible. But our body is so noble, that it requires only a few things: nutritious meals and above all, good rest moments.

Walking in park, taking a nap, chatting with friends, taking a beach day, can be activities that bring your body and your mind truly amazing benefits, as your system loads energy to deal with new situations. Keep reading and get to know the 3 Top Reasons Why You Need to Take a Break:


If you are someone who works in front of a computer for long periods of time (such as graphic designers, web developers, programmers and creative copywriters), you will surely suffer low body blood supply. Being seated for a long time can endanger your health in several ways since your heart doesn’t work in the usual way. But the risk to your health can be avoided if you constantly take a few minutes of rest where you stand, walk a little, stretch


If you have a low cerebral blood supply due to fatigue, it’s very possible that your creative and problem-solving levels will decrease dramatically, causing small problems to be seen as major problems, or tasks that normally wouldn’t represent challenges for you, turn into exhausting activities. It seems that after all, walking in park can make you smarter and more creative.


The diseases often enter our body if we have a weak immune system or that doesn’t respond quickly to infections in the environment. Excessive stress, bad mood and not getting enough sleep at night can undoubtedly affect our immune system, since it is precisely those moments of rest that our body uses to fight infections, eliminate impurities and renew tissues. In the following video, we can get a medical view of why we can get sick more often if we don’t rest properly and frequently.


Some consider the moments of rest as activities that negatively affect their productivity, but the truth is that if we learn to take small moments to disconnect, our body can thank us, offering us more energy, creativity, and performance. We hope you have served these 3 Top Reasons Why You Need to Take a Break because now you have a good excuse to get up from your chair, walk in the park for a few minutes and come back with more energy to carry out your activities

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