Why Study Medicine at the University?

A common question students ask themselves is, why study medicine? There are numerous reasons why people decide to do medicine, from personal reasons to calculated financial gain. Medicine is known to have tough entry requirements, a minimum of five years study and extreme contact hours. However, if one has the capability and devotion or maybe just need persuasion, we are going to look at a few reasons as to why one needs to consider doing medicine.

Exceptional Graduate Prospects

A quick overview of the medical subject in any university will easily show that most if not all medical students find themselves in professional-level employment within six months after graduation. After passing the degrees, one is almost assured of getting a good job. After graduation, one will have a wide range of opportunities in the field of medicine. When done with the medical degree, one can choose to work in science institutions, hospitals or join a medical department in other professional fields.

Attractive doctor’s salary

We all know that medical professionals are well compensated for their work. In most cases, the average starting salary if £30,000. The longer you stay in the profession, one may end up earning six figures on a monthly basis. This is a compelling reason as to why people get into medicine.

Social status

In the community, doctors are a symbol of responsibility and dignity. For a long time now, local communities respect and are aware of the work sacrifices that doctors make in the medical field. Traditionally doctors are held in high esteem. As a medical student one can achieve this time of social status by working hard and having a significant input in the medical field.

Giving back to society

While studying medicine and later on in your career, one will have a direct impact on people’s lives. As a doctor, you will be able to satisfy your sense of duty to all your patients. This is usually a common reason as to why most people get in a career in medicine.

Stable and safe career

Another vital reason as to why many choose a career in medicine is the job stability offered after graduation. This is a rising reason especially with the difficulties for young people to find a job. This decision, however, should not be taken lightly because it’s not just a job but rather a lengthy career.

Practical and theoretical

Medicine is a discipline that requires various skills for one to become a practitioner. With this in mind, the course incorporates a large portion of both practical and theoretical work. Students are mostly placed in teaching hospitals to gain the necespecialitiess needed. This is to expose students to various specialties and give them the chance to interact with patients. If looking for a balance between theory and practicals, medicine may be for you.

It is important to know what you are getting into when you decide to study medicine. By understanding the scientific and social sides of medicine one can clearly benefit from its various opportunities. At the end of the day, you want to know you made the right choice.

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